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DreamEX 1/6TH Ninja Turtles-Donatello
Manufacturer :DreamEX
Cantegory :Action Figure Boxset
Availiable :Apr 28, 2017
Item no. :2612
Unit Price :US$199.99
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头雕两枚(正常表情头雕+微笑表情头雕)Two different expressions (Normal and Smile)
产品全高27厘米 Product height: 27cm
忍者神龟肌肉素体 Realistic Body muscle build
八只可替换手 Eight different interchangeable hands
支架 Action Stand

服装:Wearable Accessory
礼帽 Hat
卡其色风衣 Khaki windbreaker
头巾 Bandana
肩带 Duel Shoulder Strap
腰带 Belt
护腕 Wrist Guard
小皮包 X2 Small Pouch X2
大皮包 Big Pouch
绷带 Bandage

实木棍 Stick
护肘甲 X2 Elbow Gard X2
护膝甲 X2 Kneed Pad X2
D字皮带扣 D Letter Belt Buckle
攀岩飞钩 Grappling Hook
可视电话 Communicator
忍者飞镖 X3 Ninja Star X3
披萨 X2 Pizza 2 slices